EPG Air Panel


The EPG Air Panel is a heavy-duty carbon steel construction that's great for protecting and organizing your air, electrical or hydraulic hoses and lines. With its convenient placement of hoses and plugs, Our Air Panel unit increases the longevity of your hoses and saves time by keeping your lines organized. Not only is the Air Panel's design heavy duty and durable, it also offers a hinged door for easy serviceability. This unit works great with all of our truck product kits.

   • Frame:
          • Top: Carbon Steel or #4 Stainless Steel
          • Base: Carbon Steel Powder Coat Black
   • No Drill Mounting Brackets: Pinch plate mounting 
brackets for 33.5" to 34.5" frames.
   • (1) Pogo Stick
   • (2) Bulk Head 1/2 NPT to 1/2 DOT
   • (1) 7-way Electrical Socket
   • (1) 6-way Electrical Socket
   • (2) Hydraulic Bulkhead for Couplers
   • (1) Service Glad Hand
   • (1) Emergency Glad Hand
   • (1) 15ft. Coil Set, 12in. x 40in. Straight End Leads (Pair Red & Blue)
   • (1) DOT Tubing, 120in Length
   • (2) Quick Air Exhaust Valve Adapters, 1/2 x 1/2 male
   • (1) Spare Electrical Socket location with a cover plate
Weight: Approx. 85 lbs (will vary depending on options)
 Dimensions: Approx. 33.5"W x 8.5"H x 16.75"D
Air Panel